"I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land...you have to go back to another time. When the world was powered by the black fuel. And the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel. Gone now, swept away. For reasons long forgotten, two mighty warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. Without fuel, they were nothing. They built a house of straw. The thundering machines sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and talked. But nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. The cities exploded. A whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men. On the roads it was a white line nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive. The gangs took over the highways, ready to wage war for a tank of juice. And in this maelstrom of decay, ordinary men were battered and smashed..." - From Mad Max 2

Welcome to Brother Bob's Post Apocalyptic Savage Worlds car-battle and RPG campaign.

The inspiration for this campaign is various Dystopic/Post-Apocalyptic movies, books, and games. Most obviously the Mad Max series of movies, but inspiration has also been taken from Gamma World, various Zombie movies, some video games, 2000 AD comics, etc...

This site will be of most interest to players in the campaign, but feel free to look around.


11/30/2008 - Added a News Story by Mark to the News section. It reports on our latest exploits.

11/23/2008 - Added a couple of News Stories to the News section, including an announcement for the upcoming Manawa Salt Lake Bed Team Race.

10/13/2008 - Added a summary of Saturdays race to the News section.

10/11/2008 - Added pics of yesterday's race to the Gallery section.

10/09/2008 - Added story announcing this Saturday's race in the News section.

09/30/2008 - Added some pics of Mark's car "Pestilence" to the Gallery.

09/22/2008 - Added some pics of the cars Bob has converted to the Gallery

09/22/2008 - Added a Rules section and uploaded v1.0 of our rules.

Also added a gallery section (nothing there yet).

07/11/2008 - Added Kelly's account of a vision of the future he had to the Setting section.

07/01/2008 - Website setup