Norfolk Heroes Part Deux - 20 October 2020

Hometown heroes return with yet another tale of heroism. Retarded boy Jimmy Jones asked the skilled racers for their help in which they unselfishly volunteered. However, the good deed did not end there. They responded to a distress call at the Kanesville Medical Research Facility and rescued Angela Dawson.

"One these brave people saved me from certain death. I am forever indebted to him." said the stunning beauty. Others seemed less gratious. Border Patrol Arthur Dixon had this to say about Norfolk's heroes, "One of my men reported that they had looted cars which had blood on them. They don't sound like "racers" to me. Another handed over a container with infectious zombie puss in it, but only after the vehicles were going to be searched. I'm suspicious of these "Heroes" of Norfolk."

Regardless of the positive and negative hype, everyone is excited for next week's Team Race in Manawa. Unfortunaly, Trevor Thrasher, winner of the Norfolk Open over a week ago has become missing. The team had to scramble to find a replacement and quickly found it with the man mysteriously known only as Gabriel.

Team Race coming to Manawa - 18 October 2020

The Manawa Salt Lake Bed Racing Community is proud to host it's first Team Racing event on October 25th. Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to hurry up and get yours today. Every racer and gunner participating in the upcoming race will earn $500. The winning team will split a purse of $10,000!!!

The recently crowned 'Heroes Of Norfolk' will be one the teams competing. Although the humble racers are downplaying their new nickname, racing fans are very excited to see them race. Jimmy Jones of Battle Creek had this say about his heroes, "I met them before. They is so cool. I raced with them down a road before and i was in the lead the whole time, maybe they'll have me join their team someday."

The opposing team which has requested to remain anonymous is sure to surprise and excite the audience as well. The doors will open at noon, with the race starting at 2:00. Be sure to get your very own Manawa Racing memorabilia next to the concession stands. It's bound to be chilly so bring a sweater.

"Heroes" rescue Starry Wisdom Pilgrims - 14 October 2020

A group of Norfolk amateur racers were involved in rescuing a group of Starry Wisdom pilgrims who had been taken hostage by the "Bravehearts" wasteland gang.

The Pilgrims were on their way to the Shrine of Starry Wisdom in downtown Omaha, when their caravan was attacked by the Bravehearts.

The racers, all of whom had taken part in the First Norfolk Open, were hired by the Church to rescue the pilgrims.

Trevor Thrasher, "Poco" Jesus, Bayou Betty, Roy, and {Steve's Character] all took part in the rescue. They were able to subdue or kill most of the "Bravehearts" and escort the pilgrims home.

Thelocal public has now taken to calling the group "The Heroes of Norfolk".

Trevor Thrasher wins Norfolk Open 11 October 2020

In a surprise win Trevor Slasher riding a suped-up unarmed BMW Shadow motorcycle is the winner of the First Norfolk Open. Another Biker, [steve's character], riding a honda quad with twin mounted light machine guns came in second.

Third place, and the highest zombie kill count went to "Poco" Jesus and his car Santa Anna - an armored el camino with side flamethrowers and a mine layer in the rear. Poco was able to finalize half the zombies on the table and still come in third.

Not satisfied with the just the 1st place purse, Trevor drove back out onto the track to try and take down some zombies with his AK47.

Sadly, up and coming racer Mickey Tosh's car hit an oil slick and spun out into a wall and he was killed as zombies swarmed his car. He will be sorely missed.

Other action included Bayou Betty having a spectacular end-over-end crash in her chevette. She was able to crawl out, and, with [steve's character] covering her, able to make her way to the late Mickey Tosh's car and drive it off the track.

Classic Chevy pickup driver Roy, had a disappointing finish as he spent most of the race fighting off zombies and dealing with engine problems.

Gerald Smalls, the Mister E. Meat spokesman, said "Mister E. Meats is pleased with the excitement the race brought to town and with the near total elimination of the zombie infestation in the ruins of downtown Norfolk".

Novice Race Coming to Downtown Norfolk - 9 October 2020

Mister E. Meats has announced it is sponsoring a Race for Novice drivers in Downtown Norfolk, NE this Saturday starting at noon. The total purse is over $5000 with the winner receiving $2500 and ever racer getting at least $500.

In addition a bonus $100 will be payed out for ever Zombie destroyed in the race. Mister E. spokesmen Gerald Smalls stated "We thought this would be an excellent chance to bring some exciting action to town and help with the recent outbreak in the ruins and abandoned buildings of the city center. Mister E. Meats loves its customers and knows its customers love to watch new drivers battle it out. If you want meat, why not Mister E. Meat."

The Mister E. Meats packing plant is the largest employer in Norfolk. Its popular "Meat in a Tub" product is one of the top selling meat products in the Midwest Controlled Zone.